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By g. (anonymous) | Posted August 20, 2007 at 23:52:10

it's is such a big problem... in order to attract people they must be able to find work and have things to do and decent places to live and be surrounded by their peers. and which comes first? how does hamilton attract small and medium employers who offer stimulating rewarding work for the hordes of young people churned through the citie's several post secondary institutions? countless numbers of my friends whom i attended mcmaster with have moved on to larger cities to look for something better. why is it that so few students form lasting ties with this city during the four years here? could it be that for the most part they see little of the rest of the city past hess street? i don't know. when i think about why hamilton is lacking it usually comes back to density. it's not that there are not all the elements for hamilton to be a more attractive city it is just that they are all too spread out. there is no economic pressure to build anything on those parking lots. and there is no political pressure to control further development past the so called urban boundry that would increase economic pressure. hmmm...

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