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By jason (registered) | Posted February 10, 2015 at 21:26:47

when one sees the operating costs to run LRT vs buses and considers the fact the province wants to pay the expensive part of LRT - the capital, it really helps explain why our voting turnout is so low, and why so many Hamiltonians truly believe that too many people in city hall work against the betterment of the city, not for it.

So we turn down an $800+ million investment from a higher level of government in order to maintain our bus-only transit system when everyone sees the budget numbers showing that 'employee expenses' account for over 50% of the HSR budget. A 340-450 passenger LRT vehicle (given to us for free) driven by one operator, or 8.5 buses (340 passenger capacity) driven by 8.5 operators paid for by the Hamilton tax payer. Most cities have a city hall looking to land outside investment and get more bang for the local taxpayer buck. Not here.

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