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By thebaldasaro (registered) - website | Posted February 06, 2015 at 22:08:20 in reply to Comment 108828

Automobiles pay for the roads and all taxes are what our Country, Provinces and Cities are bleeding red ink with deficits and debt. And we want the broke Province and Ottawa to send us money they do not have. There is much to change. The automotive Industry, manufacture, parts and repair, plays a huge role in our economy. So popular is the car that everyone wants a CAReer. NOTE: Vancouver is an Island. Hamilton is not Vancouver. They have rain and very little, if any, snow to shovel into their green bike paths during our stormy winters. Might I suggest that we turn our alleyways into bike paths? I travelled throughout Hamilton in alleyways on my bicycles some 40 years. For Hamilton to think it can replace the Automobile is ludicrous and it is plugging up traffic and creating a dangerous situation on Cannon Street for the vehicles, licensed, insured and professionally operated for which Cannon and steets like it were made in the first place.

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