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By mayornot (registered) | Posted February 04, 2015 at 16:12:15

The charge of presentism is convenient, contrived horse- --sorry--nonsense--baloney. It's a false, phony, defensive, intended to tell "opponents" to stifle yourselves, Edith. Good history & historians do exactly the opposite: they exactly look at the contemporary circumstances. Excellent piece, Shawn. Some of the books you mention are available at HPL, others through interlibrary. Timothy Stanley [2011] wrote an excellent, if academically languaged, study of Chinese Canadians in British Columbia--mainly in the cities: Contesting White Supremacy. Shows in McMaster catalogue; isn't at HPL but they'll go get it for any patron--interlibrary. Has extensive Biblio & notes. Anyway, good on you for this. Daschuk's info is frightening, and there's someone at U of Guelph [I think] who also looked at medical/historical records of/for First Nations people in 19th cent. re those Canadian governments. I tried to post part of this anon on RTH but it got called spam!

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