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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted January 31, 2015 at 16:57:53 in reply to Comment 108616

No, the goal of this site is urbanism. Density, pedestrian-friendly, bicycle-friendly, transit-oriented design for neighborhoods. It's green, egalitarian, frugal, and pleasant.

Downtown Hamilton has the best density, so it has a lot of the attention for this kind of improvement. But still, there is focus on the rest of the city too.

If the A-line LRT (James North GO out to Mohawk/Upper-James/Airport) were being built first instead of the B-line... well, I think the B-line is best because density, but still I'd support it and advocate for it, and I think most of the regulars here would feel the same. Sadly we've heard nary a peep about the A-line from ward 7 and 8 councillors who stand to benefit (Duvall/Whitehead).

When Tom Jackson killed an excellent bike-lane plan for Queensdale, we were quite disappointed. Queensdale is the perfect place for bike-lanes. RTH and CATCH were the only groups making any noise about this.

I mean, the B-line LRT plan itself is a perfect example, since the plan is Dundas to Stoney Creek. That's not "downtown" by any stretch, now is it?

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