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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted January 31, 2015 at 13:37:29 in reply to Comment 108639

Did Viva "engage with suburbanites"? LRT is also a result of dealing with a need (to encourage densification and prepare a transportation system that can deal with the high number of trips that will entail).

The problem is that, as RobF pointed out, you really can't win. Either you focus on downtown and lower city issues and are accused of ignoring the suburbs. Or you write about suburban issues and are accused of telling the suburbs what to do.

Part of the issue is that it really requires suburbanites to get engaged with issues. And there seems to be much less engagement in the suburbs, even in local issues (most active neighbourhood associations are located in the "core 4").

It would have been great to see all those suburban motorists upset about the bus lane to show up at the council meeting and express their views, but the vast majority (from both the suburbs and downtown) supported the bus lane. And the Mayor point out that the emails they received supporting the bus lane outnumbered by those against by more than four to one. And many of those would have been from the suburb.

Are you so sure you know what the suburbs want ... and that their councillors really do as well? There are many, many HSR users in the suburbs (especially in the Mountain wards).

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