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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted January 31, 2015 at 09:51:29 in reply to Comment 108616

Ah, okay. So he is mocking and misrepresenting the goals of the writers and commenters on this site by deliberately using the wrong name, but passively-aggressively not actually spelling it out. It would have been nice if the fatalistic ItJustIs answered the question straightforwardly him or herself.

At least that's clear now.

I thought it might be a typo, or referring to something else.

As has been pointed out before, many of the common issues (like transit improvement and LRT, saving heritage and safer streets) are important to the City as a whole. But it should be obvious that the lower city faces many specific challenges and, as many suburban councillors like to point out, 'downtown is for everyone' so it is everyone's issue.

Most importantly, however, if you or anyone wants to write about issues you feel are specifically important to the suburbs, or a particular part of the suburbs you should just do it. It will be published and commented just like all the other articles. If no one writes the articles you want to see about the suburbs ... write one yourself. This is an entirely volunteer enterprise and, as far as I know, Ryan has never refused an article because it is 'about the suburbs' or presents a suburban point of view.

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