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By jeffzuk (registered) | Posted January 27, 2015 at 15:31:01

I can appreciate the skepticism coming from all sides on yesterday's news, but I can't see how the announcement isn't anything but positive. Could the Premier have been less equivocal towards LRT in her statement? Sure, but she's reading the tea leaves as everyone else is: that despite repeated commitments from council to a B-Line LRT, the decision is not set in stone and is ultimately Hamilton's (and council's) to make. As mentioned above, Toronto has changed its collective minds several times, each time a new administration came into power. No wonder the Province is gun shy.

Reading the comments of the Spec and CBC, I can see how the FUD on LRT will come from three directions: 1. The Province can't afford $1B and we are all taxpayers; 2. a B-Line LRT doesn't serve the Mountain or outlying communities; and 3. BRT or more buses is just as good and less costly and disruptive. All have counterpoints.

Re-reading to get ready…

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