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By myrcurial (registered) - website | Posted January 26, 2015 at 11:17:34

Wow. This article nails the flip side of the auto-immune disorder piece from Ryan last week.

To the majority of people who live near or have travelled past Hamilton, the vision is simple - industrial wasteland belching fire and smoke (Thanks Burlington Skyway!) and any time we accept mediocrity, we PROMOTE this view.

Incredibly cheap things that Hamilton could do to improve the view:

1) ALWAYS LOOK YOUR BEST -- When I share videos (from EcDev, from Joey, music videos shot in Hamilton) with my non-Hamilton friends, they are absolutely blown away.

2) ENFORCE BYLAWS ON THOROUGHFARES -- If you drive down any of the major thoroughfares of Hamilton, you'll see some pretty obvious examples of 'Hey, no one will notice if we board up this commercial building with chipboard (paint optional) and convert it to slumlord residence'. I know that bylaw enforcement is based on a complaint model - I've had that neighbour myself. Can't we do better? Could not the councillors each take a half day a month to cruise their ward?

3) POWERWASH THE CITY -- We all know who should pay for this, especially those of us who live within a few km radius of the mills... but if it's not part of the PanAm plans to power-wash the buildings near the stadium where the cameras will see them... well, it wouldn't be the first obvious PanAm screwup either.

There are so many other things we could do... but we won't. Because we are incapable of the most basic respect and our civic leaders can't handle getting along at a level that is considered minimum standard in our classrooms.



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