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By Frank (registered) | Posted August 15, 2007 at 12:42:33

Sorry for taking so long to post back, I was having a hard time with the math question. ;) I don't think that changing the rules any way will increase safety. As you mentioned somewhere in your article, we're dealing with attitudes and giving more rules to follow won't make that much of a difference until we get to the finger pointing stage. Also, let's be honest most people using roads yield and don't actually stop at a stop sign unless they have to because of traffic travelling in the other direction and that goes for cyclists and other motorists. I believe if you read one of my earliest posts you'll see that I think it's attitudes that need to change. I do understand your statements regarding the safety of bike lanes, however I have seen that bike lanes, at least where I am, have dotted lines as they approach intersections allowing cyclists to leave the lane. You say that the cyclists who cut in front of me on #20 were the minority, I say that the motorists who cut you off at intersections etc are also the minority... there's just a larger pool to draw from.
Maybe if us cyclists start using the roads we should be getting a license that way there's no excuse for not signalling lane changes or not knowing the rules of the road with respect to whatever vehicle you're driving. You already know from reading my previous posts that I think there are a lot of drivers driving without full knowledge of the rules with respect to them. As such, I'm in favour of periodic testing of the people using our roads whether they're cylcists or motor vehicle drivers as long as it doesn't turn into a money grab. As far as the road design goes, I had it all figured out in my head at the time I posted that but it's been a while. Unfortunately, I don't have teh time to figure it out again, but if I do, I'll post it on here.

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