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By donna (anonymous) | Posted August 13, 2007 at 16:54:01

i have 2 rottweiller and have had them living in hamilton for the past 8 years. i have recently had an incident with an uneducated dog owner who out of complete fear tossed her little cocker spaniel pup at my dog, she thought my dog was going to attck her because he went over to her in a field to see her little pup . my rottweillers have been well socialized with other dogs and people. this women single handedly killered her spaniel with her own stupidity. now she has written to the spectator with an outlandish story about my vicious rottweiller grabbing her dog from her arms and on and on. and i can't help agreeing with CYNIC, i have for the first time had to deal with animal control (jim gillis), and animal control employee kandice jones. i hope to god no one ever has to go through the bias, and unprofessional manner of these people. they no nothing about large breed dogs, and are against anyone who has them. they have turned this isolated incident into a three ring circus. and the victim is my poor rottweiller. the 2 animal control officers i have delt with are the most ignorant people i have ever come accross. this article has been interesting to read.
keep it up

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