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By strackj (registered) | Posted January 21, 2015 at 14:26:44 in reply to Comment 108047

Good news, I sent them a message asking if additional stations will be installed prior to the full spring roll out and it sounds like there will be!

My message: "... I was wondering if additional stations will be installed as the system fully rolls out in the spring, or if all of the planned stations are currently installed. In the maps shown prior to the roll out, I recall there being a station in Hess Village at Queen St at George St. This station is not on the map anymore, which is unfortunate since this would be right around the corner from my apartment ..."

SoBi Hamilton:

"Thanks for your interest! We are still adding a few stations that have been delayed due to city projects, etc. In this case, we will be installing Queen/George before our full launch in March (as well as King/Hess)" ...

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