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By jason (registered) | Posted January 20, 2015 at 10:10:42

for some reason, city staff counted ONLY HSR buses, and only at Bay Street. The numbers above are at (I think) John or Hughson and include GO Transit.

Besides, that's just another lame Hamilton-only excuse to do-nothing. Here is a California city that just built a real BRT system and they see about 1,300 riders PER DAY:

It's called planning. Something Hamilton city hall refuses to do for any mode other than cars. We build new roads and highways all over the place even though there is no traffic pressure, yet we come up with these idiotic stats and numbers to further the status quo with transit or cycling.

K-W is building LRT with transit ridership that only recently caught up to Hamilton's total annual numbers. They have NO current transit routes with passenger loads like our B-Line corridor. And they are building a full-fledged LRT network. Again, you get the city you plan for.

In Cleveland, they built a full BRT line on a bus route that used to carry 7,000 riders per day. I don't have hourly breakdowns, but I'm guessing no single hour was near 2,000 if the entire day was only 7,000. Since building BRT, ridership has doubled on that route in the last 5 years.

Our current Main-King-Queenston corridor carries 9 million passengers per year. That averages 25,000 per day.

PLEASE remember, the same people who are currently trying to suggest we don't have ridership for bus lanes, and certainly not for BRT or LRT are the same people who were bragging during the election about how we should be doing what Cleveland did instead of going for LRT. As was predicted, those same people now oppose BRT, bus lanes and anything other than cars. As we knew they would.

Surely if Cleveland can build a full BRT network with 7,000 riders per day, and San Bernadino can build a full BRT route with a measly 1,300 riders per day, we can keep our ONLY bus lane which carries 25,000 riders per day.

What a real city council would be doing is looking to immediately add bus lanes on Main/King from McMaster to the Delta and in other quick-win spots like the SB curb lane of James from King-Hunter and one of the left turn lanes on John from Jackson-King as well as add a new express route connecting downtown to Mohawk College and Limeridge Mall with bus lanes where possible and transit-jumping signals along the route, along with modern new high capacity vehicles like these:

Ridership would soar on the B-Line and grow rapidly on the new express route, which would give us a tremendous case to push the province hard for B-line LRT money, at which time we deploy these buses onto new express routes and continue growing the transit system.

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