Comment 107871

By Papa Wheelie (anonymous) | Posted January 15, 2015 at 22:07:17 in reply to Comment 107842

Re: "HSR riders are more interested in better service (more buses more frequently) than they are in carving two or three minutes off their Eastgate to James Street trips, or vice versa."

As a habitual HSR rider, I would like to think that a bus is capable of making a 10km trip (eg. Eastgate to MacNab) in under 35 minutes (ie. average speed 17 km/h, half that of other traffic and slightly swifter than an e-bike at mid-throttle or the average cyclist). The B-Line, as things stand, can cover the same distance in two-thirds of the time, but even that makes for an average of 26km/h.

If Transit Priority Measures can shave five minutes off that trip for both routes, doing so would appear to open the door to the next best thing to more buses more frequently: the same number of buses more frequently.

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