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By ItJustIs (registered) | Posted January 15, 2015 at 14:16:45 in reply to Comment 107838

As someone who HSRs that route daily, I can tell you that there is no need for an HOV lane.

Regular King buses are not slowed down by traffic. They're slowed down by the exigencies of the elderly and moms with prams, as well as those in motorized wheelchairs.

As for the B-Line... Why on earth would moving this vehicle along faster be any kind of goal? This baby zooms along just nicely, thankyouverymuch. You're overthinking this. Not surprising, because it's an identifiable that would make everyone here feel like something's been accomplished, especially in light of how little actually is.

To repeat: HSR riders are more interested in better service (more buses more frequently) than they are in carving two or three minutes off their Eastgate to James Street trips, or vice versa.

Now, what's additionally funny is the notion of zipping buses along all the faster (courtesy of an HOV lane) when there's a longstanding desire to prevent these two corridors being 'thoroughfares'. Just sayin'...

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