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By RobF (registered) | Posted January 10, 2015 at 11:43:56 in reply to Comment 107762

MediaWatch, You've hit the dilemma on the nose ... There's a pretty good chance that Cosby's guilty, but we've been wrong before. There are no easy answers. There's a reason why rape victims often don't come forward: the scrutiny they are subjected to often re-victimizes them.

And for those who want Ms. Bokma to issue an apology if Cosby's never charged (for many of the alleged rapes I believe he can't be charged because the statute of limitations has past on them), should his defenders, including those attending his shows claiming to "believe" Cosby, offer formal apologies if he is charged and convicted?

Really I can't find fault with Ms. Bokma's protest ... they paid for the tickets, made their statement and were escorted out by security peacefully. Above it is likened to people who buy shares in companies in order to attend their AGM to make a statement. Perhaps, they could have just attended wearing the shirts. The message could have been conveyed silently just as effectively, perhaps. Then again, it was Ms. Bokma's decision. She organized the protest as is her right. We still have freedom of assembly and freedom of speech right?

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