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By MediaWatch (anonymous) | Posted January 10, 2015 at 10:58:22

Where there is smoke there is assuredly fire. And there has been lots of smoke around Bill Cosby for quite some time now.
Here's the dilemma though. While we believe in giving victims voice and credibility, we also believe in due process and the rights of an accused to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Bill Cosby has not been found guilty of anything and the women who have made allegations have not been able to even secure even a charge against him, unlike our Canadian media-star, Jian Ghomeshi.

So, what to do?

If we say nothing, we seem to not give credence to the accusers. If we protest too much, we give short shrift to our due process standards.

It is not a comfortable situation to be in regardless of what one does.

For sure though, the patrons of Mr. Cosby's concerts are blameless and shouldn't be treated as complicit to a crime. After all, Cosby hasn't been....ah here we go again. It is a vicious cycle.

Maybe the best thing Cosby can do at 77 years old and not in need of any money, we are given to understand, is simply to stay home and stop putting communities on the horns of this dilemma!

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