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By mikeonthemountain (registered) | Posted December 16, 2014 at 14:28:31 in reply to Comment 107113

Actually the way that is worded makes perfect sense. The municipal roads end where the ramp begins.

The ramp, being the buffer to transition onto the highway, has no upper speed limit, other than that of the highway, so you can accelerate freely to merge.

In this example, the on-ramp does not (officially) begin until after the pedestrian crossing (unofficially the on-ramp begins at King+Dundurn). Speed limit is 50kph until after the crosswalk, then it is lawful to begin accelerating. Inversely, when exiting the highway, you can technically drive 100kph until the city street begins, but you better have slowed to 50kph before entering Main or King Street.

The phrasing on the books is itself not creating the conflict.

The conflict was created by the decision to not install traffic lights there, and implement a solution where pedestrians "wait for gap". This combined with a lack of enforcement of premature acceleration, creates the deer-in-headlights feeling when you're crossing there (I know!). Cops will wait at a school zone and pinch people still decelerating to 40 from 50, but I have never seen enforcement of people flooring it before they've left King Street and entered the ramp.

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