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By mikeonthemountain (registered) | Posted December 16, 2014 at 09:27:51 in reply to Comment 107098

It doesn't matter what anyone replies. Even if it's cited, you don't listen to any information. Venting your anger is what you are interested in. That is absolutely fine. But a reply is a good writing exercise.

Roads are for everything that doesn't belong on the sidewalk. Horses, camels, bikes, bobcats, tractors, etc. Each has particular rules surrounding it.

Sidewalks are for walking, walkers, wheelchairs, dogs, etc.

As for your views of democracy they are pretty warped to think in such narrow absolutes. Some mass media did this to you, it isn't normal. Mennonites (or anyone else really) are allowed to ride horses, is that totalitarian minority rule on their part? What about wheelchair ramps in public buildings, is that totalitarian minority rule? Cyclists and potential cyclists far outnumber those two examples, and are increasing, that is why the safety issue IS being dealt with by adding infrastructure.

What you need is a vacation abroad. Or at least some civics lessons.

Sorry friend, but if I rode a horse to work, you'd have to pass safely. Not only that, it would be illegal for you to intentionally try to scare the horse by honking. Fortunately my bike is way easier to store and feed than either a car or a horse, so I'll stick with that, and thanks to the bike lanes, you won't have to drive behind me and try to pass.

Three classes of traffic can make a city very efficient as its population grows: slow (walking/sidewalks), medium (bike,scooter/bikelanes), fast (motorcycles,cars,trucks/vehicle lanes).

Why is that so bewildering, scary, and infuriating? That makes no sense!

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