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By PiersixBrawler (registered) | Posted December 16, 2014 at 00:08:11 in reply to Comment 107065

"Enough people asked for them?" I doubt more people asked for them then there are drivers that don't want them and whose privileges are subsequently being ignored. One only need take a drive on Cannon to see just how many bikes are NOT using the bike lane as compared to people that are DRIVING on the road...or NOT driving when you consider that it only takes one garbage truck to congest traffic from Wellington to Ottawa St. Riding bikes is fun and advocates fitness...but driving is nessessary..and considering that one is nessessary and one is not...I doubt that the 'slice' of the population that was 'polled' were drivers considering what I keep saying about there being more drivers than bicyclists or bus patrons, not to mention that the increase of drivers and vehicle registration are constantly on the rise...which proves that the majority demographic of commuters are DRIVERS...that the city has turned an intentional blind eye to this...and that the city has a hidden agenda that DOESN'T encompass the best interests, rights and privileges of the majority considering that they IGNORED the "No bus lane" signs and DIDN'T ask for public opinion or the bus and bike lanes wouldn't exist for the simple logic that 1. roads and highways are meant for gas powered motor vehicles 2. to 'add' a lane to said roads and highways one must first 'add' the 'real estate' and pavement to do so because it is UNREASONABLE to bottleneck a highway for motor vehicles due the deletion of an auto lane considering that driver and vehicle licensing is perpetually on the rise 3. it is UNSAFE to mix motor vehicle traffic with bike traffic considering that those plastic 'pipes' offer absolutely no protection for the cyclist involved with a mechanical mishap of a motor vehicle. Apparently these facts escape the citys council...and people like you. When you say "People wanted them"...all I hear is "The minority rules." The bottom line here is...the only 'people that wanted them' are the people in TORONTO that demanded them...and Hamilton said, "What the hell...long as you're paying for them" with complete and intentional disregard for the majority...drivers.

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