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By DowntownInHamilton (registered) | Posted November 21, 2014 at 20:51:39 in reply to Comment 106313

Thank you for this post.

I lived for 5 years at John and Charlton. I echo all of the above comments. I never once felt unsafe walking along or across any of the streets. I was more worried with the drug addicts and drug deals in Woolverton Park, Corktown Park, the chronic break-ins of cars on Catherine, Young, Walnut, Forest, and the like. I think that in 5 years of living downtown, I only once saw a car coming that clearly was not watching and would've hit me if I hadn't been watching.

Neither did we have any problems with racing, aside from the odd Saturday night where you'd hear something at 2 or 3 am of someone coming down the Jolley Cut way too fast.

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