Comment 106380

By Fake Name (anonymous) | Posted November 20, 2014 at 17:33:40 in reply to Comment 106376

You need a highway to go 3 blocks?

Seriously, think about your example. Three blocks. You don't need a minor artery to go *three blocks*. For any longer trips, Hunter and Main are not that freaking far away, and if they *are* too far to drive to, then your destination was probably so close to your starting point that you can deal with driving a bit slower.

I mean, you're literally advocating for keeping streets like Herkimer and Charlton screwed up for trips that at most 1.5 km (Dundurn to James).

Let's figure out an "average" trip. Say it's about 1km. Assume that your average travel speed drops from 50 to 35 if we clean up these roads. 1km / 50 = 72 seconds. 1 km / 35 = 102 seconds.

Congratulations, we're destroying the livability of a neighborhood to save commuters 30 seconds. This has financial implications as well - it depresses property values. It's costing the city real money.

For 30 freaking seconds.

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