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By CharlesBall (registered) | Posted November 19, 2014 at 15:46:40 in reply to Comment 106309

Um, yes. The exact comments no but if I amend my post to "People will die if we don't lower the speed limit" and "people will die if we don't get them to the hospital in time." People have essentially said those two things.

The comments still vilify the poor lady who does not want access to the hospital bunged up with traffic "calming."

The questions are not rhetorical. So at least one person was fooled. They should be addressed.

And I will stop posting on this thread. Save and except to say that I live in the neighborhood and have for 25 years after moving from the East end. (When I lived in the east end I dated a girl in Westdale for 3 years and rode to her house on my bike day and night without fear or incident.) I raised 5 children in my neighborhood without incident. I am more worried about the criminals and mental health patients living in the halfway houses than traffic by a factor of 100 to 1. I see no need to reduce the traffic flow on Herkimer any more than it has been. I like living near the hospital in spite of the sirens at night. I don't mind people using the Jolley Cut, the James Access or the Queen Street Hill and I accept that Herkimer and Charleton are major components of those routes. I don't view the streets as "raceways" or "monster parking lots." I think that if you bung up the through streets people will be more likely to use the side streets which will be counter productive. And in spite of all that, I have thoroughly enjoyed my life living downtown although that enjoyment is decreasing not increasing. While I no longer walk young children down the street, my perception is that a lot of the changes, bike lanes and unintelligible road markings and signage are more dangerous than less. I bought my home there knowing full well what was going on in my neighborhood to be. I think Markland is far more dangerous with the bike lane than it was before. I have been stalled many nights trying to get home down Herkimer after the traffic calming and I have personally witnessed ambulances with flashing lights stuck in traffic. In a way it is fortuitous that the traffic volumes have been dropping because otherwise the roads WOULD BE parking lots during rush hour. Those are statements and not questions.

I guess it is time for me to stop ignoring the neighborhood association, get my friends together and join it.

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