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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted November 19, 2014 at 15:41:24 in reply to Comment 106308

As in any neighbourhood, there are a wide variety of opinions held by residents, and these opinions evolve over time. I don't think any neighbourhood agrees 100% on any issue, especially one as diverse as Durand.

However, the desire to calm our streets is as close to a consensus as you're likely to see on any issue.

I've lived in Durand for over 16 years, and have been actively involved with the DNA for nine years. Before that I participated in the public meetings for the 2002 Traffic plan and attended numerous PIC on traffic and urban design issues.

During this time I've seen that the number one concern expressed by residents in many different ways and in many different forums has been the need to calm traffic and make conditions better for pedestrians (and cyclists). If you read the Durand chronicle, you'll see that traffic calming has been a priority of the DNA since its founding, and they were especially concerned about this problem and tried (unsuccessfully) to push for change in the mid 1970s.

You may disagree, but it is clear that the majority of resident who take the time to get involved in their neighbourhood or express an opinion really would like traffic to move more safely and slowly through the neighbourhood and for the streets to be safer and more convenient for pedestrians.

And this really shouldn't be a surprise given the density, number of pedestrians and the hostile nature of so many of the streets.

If you want even more evidence, look at the popularity of traffic calming measures in the recent participatory budgeting votes. Or look at the successful campaign of our local councillor, who has prioritized traffic calming!

p.s. "Through street" is a not a term used in Hamilton. Herkimer and Charlton are currently classified as "minor arterials", and this classification could be changed to residential local if appropriate, as has been done for other streets in Durand as a result of the 2002 study. In any case, a "minor arterial" does not mean fast traffic movement trumps all other concerns!

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