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By jason (registered) | Posted November 17, 2014 at 21:25:24 in reply to Comment 106266

also important to remember that Fred is very pro-LRT and didn't hide this fact during the election. His first interview on CHML after the election is well worth the listen. Very straight forward about us needing to stop goofing around as usual and get on with things.

The pre-election poll clearly showed the public supports LRT, and as Larry DiIanni always says "those polls reflect the averages of the community". He was right - the vote breakdown went exactly as was suggested by the poll. So ditto for the LRT support from the same poll.

Furthermore, nobody with a straight face can suggest that anti-LRT people were voting for Fred. Simply not true. Anti-LRT people had 1 candidate. And that candidate took 30% of the vote, with the rest going to Fred and Brian.

Any attempt to spin the polling results or election results as somehow being 'anti-LRT' is pure nonsense.

Heck, some of the pundits have pointed out that Dundas elected a councillor who isn't gung-ho on LRT. That had more to do with her great track record and work in the community for many years. The FACT is, Brian McHattie was the top vote getter for mayor in Dundas, with Fred second. Dundas is anti-LRT? Anything but.

Chad Collins is the only lower city councillor who has waffled on LRT and only because of the 'disruption of road construction' during the construction phase. Fred did a great job dismantling this argument in his CHML interview reminding everyone that we regularly rebuild entire roadways, and he's not aware of council deciding against such a job because it's disruptive for a couple of years. Yea, building a city can be disruptive at times.
Get over it and make it work. Short-term pain for long-term gain, a concept this city's leaders have NEVER wrapped their heads around.

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