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By Fake Name (anonymous) | Posted November 17, 2014 at 17:12:11 in reply to Comment 106257

We already were promised the money, and we already voted to do it. The process started in 2007.

Let's compare to another city - Dijon, France. They built 20km of LRT in 4 years from vote to completion, at about half the cost per km of our plan.

So in other words, there's no good reason why we don't have the B-line and most of the A-line done *today*, within the 800M budget planned. The French did it.

But I guess we're just not as good at this as the French. I mean, they have their reputation for being hard-working, and for cheap non-union labour, and for wide sprawling modern cities with plenty of room for laying tracks. Oh, and everybody knows the wonders of French engineering. Truly we never had any hope of approaching the success of the great French.

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