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By charlesball (registered) | Posted November 08, 2014 at 18:00:33 in reply to Comment 106064

No, I meant above the tracks. Run the line down the street in front of the Go station and then over the Go lines (like make them (the Go tracks) a subway which they already partially are) or use some architecturally interesting bridge network. You are still downtown all the way. It runs right across town. It is a street grade level. It requires no remediation of King or Main between James and the 403 and no remediation of the 403 overpass network. It would run through Queen and Locke and Dundurn close to where there are plans to build high density housing and not one driver could seriously complain about it. It also can run all the way to Dundas with some pretty minor property acquisitions. Fortinos on Main West would be pissed as would the Candy Factory, but every merchant on Main or King between James and Dundas would be jubilant.

People who live in the apartments near City hall would no longer have to walk over to King. It's already high density and they could get on the LRT to head out to Mac a lot more conveniently.

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