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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted November 08, 2014 at 15:40:20 in reply to Comment 106054

Doesn't the LRT take three lanes where a platform is needed? IIRC that's why King goes pedestrian-only through the International Village - the platform is a 3rd lane.

But yes, I'd much prefer a Main LRT - convert King into two-way (asymmetric TWINO West of Queen so that the Cannon->Queen->King westbound corridor is protected) and run the LRT on Main's ample width. Place the stations on the East corners of intersections so the leftmost car lane can be a left-turn-lane as it approaches the platform. With new Eastbound lanes on King, it means a net-loss of (on average) 1.5 travel lanes in each direction across the city, and King would benefit tremendously from having normal local traffic instead of being a throughway.

I just wish there were plans to extend the LRT properly into the heart of dundas instead of stopping at University Plaza. Continuing right down Osler to terminate right in front of the Thirsty Cactus could be a tremendous boon to Downtown Dundas - run buses out from Dundas King at Main and give Dundas a real transit system that is fully integrated into Hamilton system.

That's where the traffic from Dundas goes. Sprawlier communities like Ancaster and Waterdown are harder, of course.

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