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By jason (registered) | Posted November 08, 2014 at 00:28:38 in reply to Comment 106056

speed hopefully will. No healthy city on the planet has people doing 70km/hr past people's front doors 24-7. But yes, volume can be handled even after losing 1 more lane.

Look at York Blvd. Just lost 2 of 6 lanes and is still a freeway.
Volume data clearly shows our streets are way overbuilt.
If that wasn't the case, we wouldn't even be talking about LRT because we know city hall is addicted to fast moving cars above all else. They see the stats and data, and realize we can add things like LRT and protected bike lanes through the lower city while still allowing the current traffic volumes to move about.

Take any % of east or west end drivers and transfer them onto LRT as a more regular lifestyle (which will happen), and driving will remain a breeze.

One thing everyone agree on though is that our population is going to continue to grow, and there is simply nowhere to add more roads or highways through our city. It's time to actually build a proper city where people can use transit or bike as reliable, safe, regular part of moving around like any decent city any of us visit and enjoy. This will enable us to grow significantly without having to endure big city style gridlock.

Then, there is the issue of our new development communities and the fact we keep doing them at the lowest possible densities in weird cul-de-sacs and unwalkable road networks. Makes it almost impossible to get those folks out of cars and into transit without adding some density along the major corridors, as well as capturing the existing density along major corridors into transit. I think we need to continue pushing for the B-line LRT and A-line LRT, but take the first phase of the A-line and run it up to Mohawk College, over to Upper James via Fennell, Upper James to Mohawk and Mohawk to Limeridge Mall. There is pretty good density of apartments and multi-family housing in the Fennell/Upper James area and along Mohawk Rd. And of course Limeridge is one of the best transit destinations on the Mountain. Much greater ridership potential than running a long line out to a tiny airport on a street filled with huge parking lots and big box stores and no residential density.

It's time for Hamilton to grow up and become a real city.

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