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By notlloyd (registered) - website | Posted November 07, 2014 at 23:13:12 in reply to Comment 106047

The Mississippi is a river and requires a bridge (or a barge) to cross. Mt. Hood is a volcano that you go around. It isn't the height. Its the shape.

Calling people trolls and such does not address the issue. Hamilton has features, certainly not unique, that make the importance of north south traffic particularly limited up and down the escarpment.

That's what makes Queen Street, Victoria, Wellington and Kenilworth interesting issues.

Another interesting issue is the issue of traffic in and out of the City from the 403. Because of the escarpment, Hamilton has limited means of ingress and egress. This is largely a result of the escarpment and its positioning against the Bay and the Lake.

What needs to be discussed is what happens to the traffic from Burlington, Waterdown, Dundas and Ancaster if we cut off one if not two of those major corridors into and out of the City by building an LRT. If we had no escarpment, or bay, we could go around. But we have both and can't.

We need to consider the impact on the tens of thousands of people who require the use of those corridors before we alter them extensively and essentially permanently.

I have wondered if an LRT could travel along the escarpment and out to Mac along one of the rail corridors. Maybe come from the east and then down wellington through the current Go station and then south near Dundurn and out to Mac.

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