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By missy2013 (registered) - website | Posted November 07, 2014 at 21:00:49

What's astounding is that 'we' have allowed the pillage of the Earth to happen as long as we have. Yes, waste is waste, and energy prices are rising, but as long as the 'developed', and now the developing 'worlds', continue on with little to no respect for the planet's finite resources, we remain as much as the problem, as we ARE the solution. A 'mind shift' is needed, from Consuming Extractors to Mindful Caretakers ...

Curiously, I see in The Spectator that 15 activists took a stand when an oil executive was on the podium at McMaster University recently. It may not have been the 'best place' or even the right kind of action, BUT, it was a 'stand taken'.

That act is a clear example of the "battle" of cultures of which Lord speaks about above. It's playing out too south of the border with Keystone XL and in the west of Canada with the Northern Gateway pipelines, and locally, with Line9. A new consciousness, a new awareness, a new sense of 'stewardship' for the planet and for ourselves is challenging 'the norm'. Good thing.

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