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By Hammer Man (anonymous) | Posted November 07, 2014 at 13:31:21

But But 13% of voters voted in a mayor who wants to talk about it for another 4 years and do nothing! how do we argue with not having LRT because it might not run directly in front of my house so I don't want to pay for it even though I will still not use it even if it did? Or why would I want a full LRT transit plan in place so the Provincial Government will fund LRT wnhen we can bicker and bite our nails until the moment passes we settle for the status quo of a few bucks for more buses that will be spent on road repair because our road budget is too busy happily wasting money on new roads and infrastructure that benefit a select few elite in Hamilton which almost no one cares to cross?

Until we stop catering to a minority of people who happen to have more councilors than much of the rest of Hamilton, we will continually make ways to go around Hamilton, avoid Hamilton but not make it a place to come and stay and do business.

We lost 4 years of Dolittle Dithering with Bratina and we talked to death before that under Eisenberger are we to talk ourselves out of LRT this term?

Any City money actually needed should look to the wate on East Mountain where it is already poorly serviced yet they are clamouring to spend 18 Billion on the Red Hill Expressway extension as well as develop right around Eramosa Karst to make that into another island green space where people bitch and complain about wildlife coming into "their" yards and how many they regularly run over because of poor poor wasteful planning which could have been better spent on making what we have so much better.

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