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By anony (anonymous) | Posted November 06, 2014 at 09:11:28 in reply to Comment 106001

And that is the problem with people who want to keep the status quo. They think that "RTH" is a "them" that needs to be fought.

It's just a website, it's not a conspiracy group. It just happes that most of those who care to write here have researched and/or visited and/or lived in cities around the world that are moving forward instead of spinning wheels in the muck.

Look around the world - things are changing everywhere. This is all about Hamilton keeping up, or god forbid GETTING AHEAD (like we did in the past) instead of becoming Canada's Detroit. No offence to Windsor and Sarnia but are we really going to let those cities perform better than us? We have so many gifts dropped in our laps, from geogrpahy to the proximity to GTA population to an intelligent street design from the early 1900s (that was ruined in the 50s but could be brought back overnight) and on and on. Yet the squelchers just want to make sure they can blast through in their cars in time for their tv shows every night and god forbid they ahve to wait at a red light or slow down for a pedestrian...

It's time this city grew up - it's full of selfish jerks who act like spoiled teenagers and who frankly need to be patronized at this point for their own damned good.

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