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By wowzers (anonymous) | Posted November 06, 2014 at 08:58:45

What the heck is wrong with opening a new shop on a street?

How is that aggressive at all?

It is really not Raise the Hammers web sit that is a problem.

It is clearly a generational thing, new younger people coming back to Niagara area to put up roots....same as the current locals did back in the day.

It does not matter if they don't like the "NEW" people, The big scary bad new people are just renting or buying houses to live. They are opening up a business to hopefully make a living, and possibly hire staff.

Don't people want to see their streets bustling?

This place is beautiful, its really sad to see so many empty businesses.

No longer a steel city, we need jobs....give the "New" people a chance.

Hamilton is in between Niagara and Toronto, people have been coming through here for a long time, lets give them a reason to stop and stay a while.

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