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By Wowzers (anonymous) | Posted November 04, 2014 at 21:35:34

This city needs a culture change before any new small business will survive. Most of the old schoolers here don't want anything new.

I have 3 friends that own various business types.... all from Toronto. They all have an extremely hard time surviving because the old school locals just don't like new people trying anything different.

All of these business owners have had people come in and just tell them they don't need them or ask why are they here? To have a local citizens talk down to a business owner trying to make the neighborhood a more vibrant place.

This is a very common attitude in Hamilton.

From the business facilitation counter at city hall, to the local bitter folk.

These are the same people you call trolls, they troll in real life too.

These business owners I speak about are good people who moved here because they could not afford to lease in the GTA, they have various types of business and this bitter attitude of cheapness and negativity is a plague.

These people complain there is no jobs, but they are the first to talk badly about a small shop trying to make an attempt to hopefully hire staff once they make profits.

The "hater" mantality here is always going to hold this city back and it is very sad.

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