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By jason (registered) | Posted November 04, 2014 at 20:12:50 in reply to Comment 105944

all numbers and research into LRT so far are strictly using local ridership, and local economic development scenarios.

However, dream with me for a minute. We are 40 minutes from the biggest market in Canada. Imagine if we added a dynamic, vibrant, bustling urban core and waterfront to our staggering array of natural trails, hiking spots, farm markets and waterfalls?? We SHOULD be one of the hottest weekend trips for folks looking to get out of TO and enjoy the great outdoors, while still having a dynamic urban scene to enjoy. If our lower city was like a mini-Montreal, safely and properly connected to Dundas/Ancaster/ Cootes to Escarpment and the waterfront with protected cycle tracks, tree lined streets and LRT lines this place would boom from a tourism perspective.

Nobody has yet to discuss such a vision for Hamilton, but an urban renaissance (a real one, not big box stores and parking lots) would bring in a whole new wave of economic activity we haven't even thought about yet.
Most of city hall can't wrap their heads around 'good retail ever coming downtown again' even though that's exactly what's happening in every reborn downtown in North America. It can happen here if we roll up our sleeves and make prosperity and revitalization a priority.

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