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By Fake Name (anonymous) | Posted November 04, 2014 at 17:59:21 in reply to Comment 105948

Or, you could go for extra credit and do my preferred solution: Keep them 1-way and go for a Big City layout - 2 lanes of live traffic, 1 lane of *all the time* parking with bump-outs to protect it, 1 lane of bike lanes. Still more than enough for the Claremont's meagre traffic counts.

If you want to be cranky about it, you could start this approach north of Cannon, since 90% of the traffic the Claremont/Victoria/Wellington is taking is going to the Main/Cannon corridor, and the folks going all the way to Burlington Street can take the RHVP. It's completely unnecessary and stupid, but this is Hamilton.

I might add the 2nd option I just listed is what the city has already done... but only on Victoria, and only north of Barton. No idea why it doesn't continue south at least to Cannon where we have an *actual cycle track*, and why it's not present on Wellington which is Victoria's coupled counterpart.

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