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By Fake Name (anonymous) | Posted November 04, 2014 at 17:54:47 in reply to Comment 105914

Claremont is 3 lanes each way on average. This implies that it only needs 3 lanes on Wellington and Victoria, implying that a TWINO solution is available with *zero* affect on traffic. You could do one contra-flow lane, keep the synced lights, and support rush-hour-prohibited parking to the right side of the 3-lane side of the street. This would be the obvious "Hamilton" solution to two-way Victoria/Wellington that would have no impact on traffic since the Claremont itself is of a similar form.

Now, to make it actually *good* you could notice that the Claremont barely carries more traffic than the Garth street hill, which runs just fine with *one* lane in each direction. Let's be generous and do *two* lanes in each direction on Victoria/Wellington, with parking on the non-claremont side of the street alone, and the lights synchronized for the Claremont directions (as they are now). Yay, a normal 2-way street with parking and still traffic runs fine!

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