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By RobF (registered) | Posted November 04, 2014 at 15:20:30 in reply to Comment 105928

Yes, I'm aware of the history, and not trying to argue that Vancouver was or is special in the way you are suggesting. I would suggest that the single biggest factor was not re-thinking its urban design strategy or deliberate choice, though these were no doubt important and necessary. The City's planning and design regime (Vancouverism) was largely aided by the Vancouver Charter (1953) that gave the city special powers and a kind of independence that no other municipality in BC has. This more than anything else has allowed the City of Vancouver to implement Vancouverism in a way that no Ontario city can given the degree of power to interfere that is given to the OMB and retained by the Province in general.

I would also dispute the degree of difference between major roads in Hamilton and Vancouver, except that Vancouver has decided to take a more progressive posture towards changing/taming them. I had relatives in Vancouver and Burnaby/New Westminster and lived in both in my 20s before moving to Ontario. I can't see how Oak St or Granville at 70th Ave are much different than King or Main at Dundurn ... except Oak and Granville are two-way. In downtown Vancouver the one-ways were fast-moving and only differ in terms of traffic congestion ... when they aren't congested they are generally fast-moving and unpleasant streets for cyclists and pedestrians. Again the main difference between here and there is the posture of city politicians and staff toward making changes in the direction of complete streets. Actually overturning the dominance of the car has taken several decades ... and the political balance really shifted in the last 10 years in my view. That is the hill we must climb here, though i hope our progress is faster.

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