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By StephenBarath (registered) | Posted November 03, 2014 at 10:03:02 in reply to Comment 105866

Those chicanes in the second-to-last link are lovely- any idea of the cost of these?

My street has the same problem as you- a significant proportion of traffic is people shooting through from Locke to Dundurn. If Main were two-way, they’d have less cause to. And, if they were unable to fly down the street at 50 or more, it might be worth their while to go up to King instead.

One thing that I would really love on my street is a small traffic circle: a one-way street ends at mine at a bit of an angle, and there is a huge turning radius afforded cars. There is ample space for the kind of landscaped area found in the middle of many suburban cul-de-sacs. It would slow the traffic just enough, and make the street feel a bit smaller. However, there’s zero chance of any of this being done on my residential street, so I don’t think about it too much.

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