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By Worried (anonymous) | Posted October 24, 2014 at 12:23:18 in reply to Comment 105584

I think the best solution for the school is to have the young kids (JK/SK) recess time within the school (possibly gym). Unless, they are ready to spend some money and have walls surrounding the school instead of fences (which someone can easily climb over and is always open and not guarded by a staff member).
Now here is the question, in the morning when I drop the kid to the class teacher (he/she) is primarily responsible for my child. During recess or when the school time is over, I don't have the class teacher with my kid. A different teacher is looking after my kid and 28 more kids. So, how is the kid suppose to know every time that this new teacher is not a stranger and someone he/she can trust?
My son refused to go to EK school today and I don't blame him for that but primarily the school for taking things for granted.

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