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By mikeonthemountain (registered) | Posted October 24, 2014 at 09:23:19 in reply to Comment 105572

Expressing sincerest relief that the child was quickly rescued and that the school had good response in place. Expressing continued dismay that psychopaths walk among us.

Yet school boards everywhere still advocate for more male elementary teachers.

You just put a knife through the heart of every dad, single or otherwise, that has been discriminated against because of gender, in a country where we're supposed to be past these things.

My best teachers in my elementary school were male. In grade 6 Mr. Findlay was very supportive of my enthusiasm for science projects and helped me build balsa airplanes, even funding a few kids' projects out of pocket because of our low income families. In grade 8 Mr. Cara was a great role model, teaching many great life lessons, with no shortage of surprise dodgeball games.

These are just two examples of teachers that played a very positive role in making me who I am. Nobody teachers ever acted creepy around me. There was only one creep who I encountered during childhood, and it was a weird stranger on a GO bus who "invited" me somewhere once we disembarked. I knew what to do, told this weirdo that people were expecting me, and when I got off the bus went straight to the ticket agent, because I got some good life lessons from teachers on handling stranger threats.

Of course there needs to be good background screening of teachers, good incident response policies, and general vigilance. However your sexism is creepy, sad, and wrong - unless something happened to make you feel this way - which might make your reaction understandable, but it's still not right.

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