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By Historic (registered) | Posted October 23, 2014 at 15:54:16

I, too, will remember the symbolism of this bridge in the upcoming election. But the symbolism I will be remembering is somewhat different than the author's perspective. This bridge was recommended for replacement in 2008. In Paul Wilson's piece in The Spectator on the Pearl Street bridge he states,

"Still, McHattie says, as far as the city considering funding for a new pedestrian bridge, "it was nowhere on the priority list." However, in addition to voting on budgets for arterial roads, councillors do get to advocate for road projects in their own wards. And McHattie did that for the Pearl Street bridge."

It took 6 years for our council and Ward 1 councillor to get this bridge replaced. And I don't believe there is a coincidence in the timing that it occurred during an election year where the councillor is running for Mayor.

Brian MacHattie has vision. There's no doubt about that. But he's had the ability to advocate for replacement of this bridge and allocate funds to do so. So why did it take so long to replace the bridge?

If it wasn't on the priority list, then get it on the priority list.

The city does deserve better than Brad Clark's empty pandering (as one commenter posted). But it also deserves better than the glacial pace that Brian MacHattie exhibits on projects in his own Ward.

The fact is, Brian MacHattie is nothing but vision. He's a planner, not a doer. Hamilton needs a doer. Unfortunately, there isn't one running for Mayor. So maybe MacHattie just boils down to the best of a bad bunch.

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