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By Brandon (registered) | Posted October 23, 2014 at 09:01:40 in reply to Comment 105517

Any future planning is based on guesses, not facts. All that you can do is due diligence and see what other systems have accomplished and it appears that the only way that BRT is superior to LRT is in the initial capital outlay, which the province has consistently agreed to pay. In ROI, in operating costs and maintenance costs, LRT is superior.

Not sure how Brad Clark's claims that BRT will save us money come true if the only costs Hamilton is required bear are those where BRT is more expensive. Unless of course, it's Brad Clark lying to imply that B-Line=BRT.... He's been involved in this process for years, he's either lying through his teeth to get votes or he hasn't been paying attention, either way, not someone I want for mayor.

As far as "just add more buses", that just means that Hamilton tax payers will be funding transit improvements in other cities that want LRT. Well played Brad Clark, well played!

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