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By notlloyd (registered) - website | Posted October 20, 2014 at 21:31:42 in reply to Comment 105472

No. I said Main East is effectively 3 lanes and it can't be considered without taking the issue of Main West, King, the 403 and the LRT into the mix. You can't just parcel up portions without looking at the whole which is what I thought you were talking about.

I said that because those issues are linked issues and traffic flows through both and that leads to the issue of the LRT and the 403 and on and on - because it is all about the mix.

I didn't say anything about Wentworth because I don't see Wentworth as terribly relevant to the over all traffic issues in Hamilton; Main East I do. Wentworth could be two way I guess. I haven't thought that much bout it. I only commented on the portions of what you said that I thought required responding to because you said there are times when one way street are useful and I think Main and King are examples of that.

I hope that helps with any confusion. I should have used more words.

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