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By j.servus (registered) | Posted October 20, 2014 at 20:23:48 in reply to Comment 105467

Sure. If they want the road, they can have it. That's not the point at all. The point is, are we having a proper scrutiny and discussion? We have limited resources. A new road is a major capital cost. It is a major recurring maintenance cost. It is replacing other things that we might have done with that money. Why don't we scrutinize that?

I have a household budget. If I buy a second car, that's a major expense. I would definitely have to discuss that with my wife. We would have to both be convinced it made sense--that we could afford it, that it was a good use of our limited resources, that we were willing to give up the other things we might have done with that money. But if I buy coffee on the way to work one morning, I do not normally feel I have to clear that with my wife first. It's not a major item. It doesn't meaningfully affect our ability to pay university tuition for our kids. So, what's weird about Hamilton--the people and the Council--is that we are treating coffee-level decisions like we're buying a new car, and new car-level decisions like we're just getting a cup of coffee. Lots of people would like a new car. You make it sound like they should just go for it, without doing the math with their partners.

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