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By notlloyd (registered) - website | Posted October 20, 2014 at 20:15:30 in reply to Comment 105466

It is the mix.

What is the traffic volume west of downtown? My guess is that is is well over 8,000 per effective lane per day. There are only 4 lanes running on Main West except during rush hour.

(BTW why does traffic always have to fully plug up a roadway before it is being used "efficiently?" And who says 8000 is the magic number? But I digress.)

There are 5 effective lanes running on Main East but only at rush hour. During the day and at night there are really only three (Buses use the inside curb and parking on the North.) East of the Delta there only two each way. No Parking on Main East of the Delta. Yet there is Parking along both King and Main on the western arteries - all the way along.

Plus we have to worry about the access into the City.

If you make Main and King two way, and you add the LRT into King, cutting off the 403, what do you imagine the traffic volumes will be?

There will be no parking. There will only be two lanes on Main Running each way carrying all of the volume of King and main. It will be double the 8,000 per lane and there will be no parking.

I agree, it seems to be about the mix.

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