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By DavidJenkins (registered) | Posted October 20, 2014 at 16:42:16

We must indeed get our heads out of the "(heavy)industrial city" mindset of yester year. There is great potential here in Hamilton. If only we could get more people on board with promoting it. Some businesses/industries/services etcetera, will find there way here on their own. That is not enough! We need to actively reach out to these entities and entice them into seeing Hamilton as to place to settle their enterprises.

Where our public transit is concerned there are more and more people that currently count on it. More will do so in the future whether by desire or need. Our present system is so woefully inadequate that it will not be able to meet our needs. But it seems to be the blind leading the blind for the most part. Money, money, money in the right here and now is being shouted out as the control point of the view to transit. Damn the future. We have a once in our lifetime chance to really make transit better for Hamilton. There just is not enough drive to make it happen.

We must force our city leaders need to get it in gear. I have a sinking feeling that voters, for what ever their reasons, will choose a Mayor that will not lead us anywhere but to despair if allowed to doddle about in what seems to have become the accepted way of business.

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