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By JGO (anonymous) | Posted October 20, 2014 at 13:37:49

Recently I went to Palm Springs on Holiday; tree trimming & leaving blowing went on pretty much every single week day, over 50% of the day time; on the property, near our unit, around the pool and golf course. The following week we moved to a friends condo for the remaining 7 days of our, ahem, "holiday." 3 out of 7 of those days included more leave blowing, lawn mowing and tree trimming.
Back home- 2 out of 7 days of the week, more leaf blowing.
I try to not be home when it happens but even if I go to a coffee shop their there too.
Take the time to actually witness a leaf blowing gardener in action- and you may soon be convinced that a lot of their blowing is simply a mindless waste of time. Observe how the machine seems to have a mind of its own - blowing times blow a little here & there, they'll climb right into the thick of a bush & blow. Bottom line- even on holidays I couldn't escape the NOISE.

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