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By theninjasquad (registered) - website | Posted October 10, 2014 at 14:15:20

I've never considered that knockdown stick area as a bike lane, I've always assumed it was a pedestrian bump out area. Funny enough though, recently I was riding along that stretch on my way to work and a driver yelled out to me to get in the bike lane. I caught up with them further down Bay St and let them know that it was not a bike lane.

I have mixed feelings on this based on some of the other responses. I think a bike lane would be good for that stretch, especially for the part between Hunter and Main St as it's challenging at times trying to get over into the centre lane if you want to continue through north on Bay St.

I think overall my preference would be to convert it to two ways first. Having Bay St as a two would would solve a huge navigation problem with trying to get to the south west end of downtown when you're down in the York St & Bay St area. It's such a pain from there having to either go up James to Hunter or taking Cannon St to Queen St. Having Bay St as a southward routing option would be incredibly useful. More useful to me I think than having a bike lane on there. If we could do both that would be amazing, but my preference would be having it as a two way street.

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